QA expert working to create a smart application with QA

Quality assurance or QA is an integral part of a software development lifecycle. With developers following the Agile methodology, quality has become necessary and needs to be taken care of through the entire process.

QA is not just the last part of any development process, but it weaves through the entire process till the end and defines the results in the form of an error-free software or application. Therefore, making your quality assurance cost and time-efficient will optimize your QA and make your application smarter.

Why should you consider achieving QA optimization?

If your business target is to enhance your…

Quality engineers conducting functional testing for cloud applications

An increasing number of organizations are moving towards adopting cloud applications as they offer a lot more advantages than traditional web-based applications. In a 2020 IDG survey, 92% of organizations have stated that they use cloud technology in some form or the other.

However, just like every application, to ensure the seamless working of cloud-based applications, their functionalities must also be tested and validated. So, this is where cloud app testing comes into the picture.

Functional testing is a QA process that verifies and validates all the functionalities of a software product. It is a type of black box testing…

Quality assurance experts working on an agile project
Agile testing empowers you to deploy robust software to meet your business and customer needs

With advantages such as better collaboration between teams, a simplified code with less documentation, ongoing feedback, and better application maintenance, agile testing empowers you to deploy robust software that can desirably meet your business and customer needs.

While you may argue that agile testing can raise recurrent regression bugs, it also goes without saying that the bug fixing is immediate. Every bug is fixed in its sprint, therefore keeping the code clean and error-free.

So, what makes agile testing the no.1 choice when it comes to tight deadline-chasing projects?

Simply put, agile test management helps define the tools and processes…

Quality Assurance experts conducting Usability Testing for AI Assistant
Thorough usability testing of your AI assistant enhances it’s features and functionality

AI-enabled devices can perceive their circumstances and learn to make decisions and act upon them in a way which meets its functional goals.

According to a report by Gartner, “By 2025, customer service organizations that embed AI in their multichannel customer engagement platform will elevate operational efficiency by 25%.”

Data and algorithms power the decision-making ability of AI. The unprecedented capability of AI to process data makes it a valuable asset for any usability testing.

What is usability testing?

The term “usability testing” refers to a technical process through which you test a product that incorporates user-focused interactions with potential…

Woman checking new technology trends in post-COVID aviation industry
The Aviation industry needs to embrace new technological advancements to run successfully in tough times

The sudden widespread of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide has hit many industries irredeemably, aviation being one of them. The closing of international borders, cancellation of visas and overall travel bans have resulted in a huge number of cancelled flights, fewer traffic and a significant loss in revenue for the industry. On top of this, airports are now being compelled to bear added expenses of more cleaning and thorough sanitization of premises, as well as of ensuring touchless travel experience. This unfortunate situation has pushed many airports close to officially closing their commercial operations altogether.

According to a report by Airports…

DO- 178C compliance is essential towards safety of passengers
The DO- 178C compliance is a must for commercial and military aviation

For any software-based aerospace system to be put into practical use, there is a certain certification process that it must go through under authorities like FAA, EASA or other state certification bodies. These different authorities acknowledge some common guidelines, which need to be followed by the aerospace software systems to be licensed as fit to use for commercial purpose.

DO-178C, Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification is the chief document that is to be complied with for commercial certification of aerospace systems, acknowledged by FAA, EASA and Transport Canada. DO-178C compliance was developed as a successor of DO-178B…

Choosing the perfect test automation framework

A test automation framework is essentially a setting that creates a suitable environment, necessary to carry out automated test scripts. It is fundamentally a set of guidelines required for creating and designing test cases. A test automation framework is a virtual component of the test automation process, allowing testers to harness the resources better. It is primarily an amalgamation of different approaches and tools that collaborate with libraries and coding modules reusable to create a base for automated testing. Using a test automation framework allows software testers to stick to the standards while simultaneously automating a program.

The Best Benefits…

Test Automation in Avionics accelerates the software development process

If you are familiar with Avionics systems, you cannot ignore the importance of testing and validation in this sector. The real-life use of these systems is done under very complex environments and hence rigorous testing is a must. However, it is also very time-consuming. Therefore, test automation in Avionics is highly preferred to significantly accelerate the development process.

Importance of a proper software testing system in Avionics:

Like in the development process of any other intricate system, the role of authorized methods in validating the system’s performance against the expectations is exceptionally crucial in Avionics Systems. The specifics of the…

Complying with the DO — 178b/c guidelines is essential for every aviation company

With the ever-emerging technological advances in the IT sector, all aspects of everyday life as we know it are changing course and their ways of operation to accommodate digitization and modern solutions in their workings. Aviation is no exception to this. The key point of this entire industry is pace. So, it is no surprise that it has managed to keep up with the new, relevant technologies and continuously improve the consumer experience.

The aviation sector has truly harnessed the power of software and employed it at every level of its operation-from menial tasks to risk-critical functions- and has increased…

While we need to keep updating the physical infrastructure, the necessity for cloud migration is evident in every sector. However, migrating data to a cloud platform does not involve a single step or a solution. The primary focus is to leverage the cloud platform from the standpoint of infrastructure, and that would possibly include changes in configuration for capacity planning.

Furthermore, it is equally vital to witness no changes are being made to the code or the concerned website’s architecture. To ensure that the performance, functional flow, data, and access control security privileges remain intact, cloud migration testing is inevitable.

Debjani Goswami

Senior Content Developer at Qualitest

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